John Romano – Soft Cane Dendrobiums – September 2016

by Lia Andrews As a Chinese Medicine doctor I have a special connection with this group of orchids. In Chinese dendrobiums are called Shí Hú 石斛 (literally “rock herb” ) due to the habit of growing

September Meeting – Nobile Dendrobium Culture

Learn how to grow these stunning, hardy orchids with nobile dendrobium expert John Romano. John's YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Board meeting @ 6 pm. Culture Class @ 7 pm. Meeting @ 7:30 pm. Bring

Top 5 Orchids for Beginners in Southwest Florida

Many people think orchids are very difficult to grow. There are, however, several easy to grow orchids to build your confidence: Phalaenopsis - Modern hybridization has made this classic orchid a resilient beauty. Phals thrive