Prem SubrahmanyamPrem Subrahmanyan is an expert on native orchids. Unwilling to spend hours wading through alligator infested swamps to get a glimpse of rare orchids blooming in the wild I was grateful to hear his stories and see his beautiful photography.

There is much we can do to help restore our native orchids. The first, of course, is to stop actively disrupting our environment. Prem explained how if we changed our mowing practices and use of herbicides on roadsides we see native wildflowers and orchids everywhere. This is how it is in Texas, for example. We can get involved by supporting the Florida Wildlife Foundation.

The second thing we can do is actually plant native orchids just as we plant other natives. You want to be sure to buy only from reputable nurseries. Prem has several listed on his webpage (scroll down for the list of nurseries). You can also support Fairchild Botanical Garden’s Million Orchid Project that is reintroducing 1 million native orchids into urban environments in south Florida.

Visit Prem’s website for more info and his incredible pictures of native orchids which are available for purchase: